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I thought I’d be carefree…

After the poetry marathon, after writing one poem a day during the month of July, I thought I’d feel a sudden sort of relief. From the constant preoccupation to produce, from guiltily stealing time away from my family to indulge … Continue reading

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This is my first half marathon!!! Poetry marathon, that is…

HALFWAY! I’ve been posting on my Facebook page everyday letting friends and family know what I’ve been up to with my poetry. I’ve been pretending that I’m totally fine with self-promotion and they’re pretending that they’re too nice to tell me they’re tired of … Continue reading

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My “run” in this Poetry Marathon is off to a good start!

Feel free to challenge me, I’m willing to sweat a little for a month! Continue reading

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How in the heck did we get halfway through the year already?

I shouldn’t be so surprised, each year this happens and you’d think I’d get used to it. Up until April, I can’t remember what year it is. Then I blink, and we’ve had a week in the hundreds. There’s all … Continue reading

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