poetry marathon update: 6 for 6!!!

I’ve made it almost a week so far, and still have a bit of a buzz that the quality of my daily poems has been pretty constant despite being on the road (a mere 11 hour drive one way) for the holiday weekend and a family reunion. I sometimes wish I could do just one thing, write OR travel OR work full time…though I think I’d need some better habits to get there. I hope that this month is a way of throwing my energy into the universe to see what comes back.

Check out today’s marathon progress so far at the Tupelo Press 30/30 project and, if you haven’t already done so, DONATE to a good cause and DARE ME to use the words you include in the comments or in a private message to me (up to 10).

I’ve really enjoyed using other peoples’ words as a prompt and thought I’d tell you the way today’s poem got started. We were driving home and playing that game where everyone alternates naming all the animals they can think of beginning with A and then with B and so on…we ended up with a LOT of leftover non-animal words and I can’t abide by anything going to waste. I used a handful of them in today’s poem.

Those of you who are acquainted with my wife and I know that our son had broken his leg pretty severely this spring. Just in case you don’t know, or are concerned after reading my poem, he is JUST fine, it wasn’t as bad as we’d originally feared, and he has been up and walking (though not running, jumping or climbing) for over a month now. I think we are all getting stronger, his leg AND my poetry…

Have any of you out there ever tried to do something like this? What rituals and/or mental tricks help YOU to maintain your daily writing practice?

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2 Responses to poetry marathon update: 6 for 6!!!

  1. hollie says:

    loved all of your poems so far, Carrie!

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