Haiku for the weeks: 10/30/14 – 11/11/14

skim-coated sunset
delicately tints soft air,
sweeping dusk sighways

This haiku was the first one after a bit of a break/fall off the wagon. I seem to keep needing to relearn to slow down in my day to day life – and keeping an eye out for a good image/thought to use in haiku usually helps me get there…unless I just stop looking. The image referenced above was so beautiful, even despite the sheer embarrassment of gorgeous sunsets in rural Kansas where nothing blocks the display, so touching that it made me stop for a minute and see instead of think.

I went to an AMAZING writer’s retreat in Truchas, New Mexico put on by Tupelo Press (if you haven’t yet, please check them out – they have lots of resources for writers of all levels!) and met fantastic people and learned good things about myself…it was after four weekends almost in a row of travelling: seeing the daughter in college; driving four hours to the rennaissance fair with the kids, my sister and her three kids; flying out of state for a long lost family reunion/grandmother’s 90th birthday; and this…I knew it was too much. I’m an introvert. I was tapped out. I was strapped for cash and I knew I shouldn’t do it. But it wouldn’t let go of me and the universe kept telling me to listen. And I’m so glad I paid attention.

I still have a lot to process about how to proceed with suggestions, more questions than answers, which is a good thing. I still have beginnings of relationships that I need to touch back with, people I’m eager to know more if I could just figure out how to jump back into the conversation again. And I’m still working too much. But I could breathe among kindreds, if only for a few days, and I know they exist. And because of them, I feel a little more centered, a little less squirrely with myself, and I find myself looking for those moments again. I guess, the point is, getting in a rut isn’t a problem. It’s the choosing to stay in one that’s a real drag.

After coming home and scrabbling for a few days to catch up with everything, I got up one morning with the sun and again was moved by the beauty I was met with:

11/08/14 sunrise
glimmering ribbons
streak color skywards to its
buttermilk edges

crows, like you and I,
use their wings to breathe, pumping
air like water in –

bullfrog caws thrust from
open beaks – shadows swimming
through snow burdened falls

your ashes trellis
laddering tree limbs, mingling
with the blowing dust

cold fronts plow flat air,
curry sand from empty lots
into churning plumes

I’ll keep savoring my experiences this past weekend and will hope that you and I will keep noticing beauty, pain, whatever the moment brings and pay attention to it.

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