The best thunderstorm of the year!

This morning, I was up at 3am with heavy rain which simultaneously stimulated my need to zombie through the house, closing all of the north-facing windows AND relieve my bladder. Running water will do that to me. Then, once the thunder and lightening hit, the toughest cat of the three begged for snuggles and spent the next hours huddled in my body heat, purring and drooling. I know. It’s not pretty. But it was the best thunderstorm we’ve had in a while (in our parched 7 year drought side of the state) with ear-shattering explosions and laser light shows I mostly dozed at though heavy lids and under feather comforters. Decadent and invigorating.

Now, to be honest, we all know that if I wrote about any of this, about anything, really, solely for the fame and glory I would be catastrophically disappointed by now. Truly, all my neurotic striving serves as my own weird release and attempts at playful wonder especially on those days when I’m taking myself a little too seriously. I share my writing because it wants a home outside of my head. However, when a little bit of recognition comes my way, I can’t help but pass it along, too…and like this morning, when it rained this week, it poured.

My photography and poetry feature in a beautiful anthology which supports an amazing cause: “Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence” is a sweet and salty collection that benefits the Sonoma County YWCA’s domestic violence programs. It just came out and you can purchase the book at

I met one of the co-editors, Michelle Wing, at the AROHO conference just over a year ago and she is doing amazing things – including her first book of poetry, “Body on the Wall” which is a bittersweet, victorious, compelling witness of her experiences. Check out her book at and her webpage at

Speaking of AROHO, what an amazing space for women writers! They are accepting applications for next years’ summer retreat, it would be amazing to meet some of you there!

BUT WAIT, that’s not all!

I also learned this weekend that my photography and poetry were going to be featured in an emerging online journal, ty(poe:tic)us, and they JUST CAME OUT!!! Won’t you please take a minute to browse through and let me know what you think of these mostly non-haiku works? You can find the journal in total at   I’m delighted to be published at all, but feel proud to have had so many of my babies end up in one spot, if you like them at all, PLEASE share with others…maybe their homes will be found inside the heads of you or your friends…

Thanks again for all of your support, you quiet but faithful readers, followers, lurkers, and/or incidental visitors. Tune back in again, won’t you?




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4 Responses to The best thunderstorm of the year!

  1. Congratulations on your recent successes!

  2. Steve Kite says:

    Rock On!!

    I spent some time checking it all out and I like what I see!


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