Haiku for the week 09/06/14 – 09/19/14

The quiet presence of mind needed to haiku has been elusive lately…my poetry, like my mind, is mostly scattered, drawn to shiny bits in the moment instead of focused and piercing into the new meanings I am hungry for. so, here are these tidbits…souvenirs, if you will, of these lean weeks.

what if we’d stayed here
without all this we expect
and learned to accept

they’re really dead skin
cells, sneeze particulates, dust:
let’s call it glitter

(in this charming morning sun)
and pretend I’m pretty, too

09/08/14 evening’s golden hours

sun’s fall from zenith:
a mildewy ritual
endeepening air

09/10/14 as with most political sagas…

…the frying pan
becomes a dirty dish
feral cats clean

09/11/14 how I saw the destruction on TV thirteen years ago

shattered windows glint
arcing storms through acerbic,
thrashing emptiness

yellowstoned tourists
footstep on the boardwalks
like hallowed heart beats

ticking, tracking, our
typewriter clacked confessions’
pressured geysering

this choice snores, dormant.
how long till ambivalence
lifts, burnt off like fog?

she kept saying things
like how our puppy was a
tangerine, rolled on

tables to loosen
the skin, ready to be peeled,
starting at his neck

ragged wings outstretched
trusting thermal breaths; I catch/
orbit fractal selves

Rashomon’s theorem:
when we protagonize, the
antagonists shift

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