Haiku for the week: 08/29/14 – 09-/05/14

Once we walked into September, its sudden portal gave us autumnal mildness we couldn’t quite trust. We wander as if we’d always worn layers, furtively comparing our ruse with our neighbors’ purposeful strides down enleafed sidewalks. The heat bugs (whose sirens drown the crowded cricket chorus) will  give their two weeks’ notice once these freshly polished saturated colors fade with dust and wear.

08/29/14 for a freind who asked if illness was her way to avoid joy:
to cautious, to keep,
to duck joy’s roughhousing ways
to trust ones’ guts’ truths

Snug as wombs we coiled
lapping at each other’s fires,
nestled deep within

this cove of tramped-down
wheat stalks-helixed crop circles
of our own heelings.

You taught me to pluck
fat kernels, kneading warm grains
to bread in our mouths.

crisp apple air spans
aqua-tinted metal skies,
glinting cricket trills

summer’s scatterings
sift gravel road dust over
straw scented leaf drifts

spider silk stitches
your greenery together,
plucked of ripe peaches

as I dug in dirt
for miracles with a stick;
eagle-winged sun rose

dreamt of AROHO;
playful ritual and joy –
my heart brought me home

hunger sucks inward
belly-button to backside
head-clearing focus


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