Haiku for the week 08/09/14 – 08/14/14

I have rolled my eyes at myself a lot this week, annoyed with my surliness and irritated with my reluctance to write…to do physical therapy on my much maligned knee…how my internal warfare parallels that in the world, so much unnecessary harm in Isreal-Gaza, in LA and Ferguson, Robin Williams…excuse my funk, but I think it’s warranted…

swaying peaches hum,
radiantly enfleshing
febrile sunsets

gnats in ointment, pea
among mattresses – pathways
to resilience

08/12/14 Upon seeing his long lost daughters
gap mouthed, glassy-eyed:
enamored by his ideas
of us, us as his

jet’s scissoring lines
feather chemtrail delusions,
streaks of certainty

08/14/14 apparently
zithering insects
slash unarmed black youth, either
so easy to kill

It’s been a long week, let’s hope things ease up a bit!

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