Haiku for the week: 07/11/14 – 07/17/14

The grasshoppers are voracious…I’m not sure what makes them so persistent or ubiquitous, but there you have it. The week in haiku began and ended with the boogers chewing up leaves, irritating me and my happy garden hopes…upon reflection, this week’s haiku are a smidge pessimistic – I’ll have to blame those pests.

grasshoppers slingshot
from pock-marked greenery as
I brush past, mourning

no blood-guttered streets,
no locusts belie my plague:

and when the day stills,
squat sun spills off the pages,
writes her own ending

pink taffied skies
throb olive-pined abrasive
just before dawn

A fellow member of a facebook group of haiku writers posted a poem about a Freudian slip. It was elegant and and concise. While mine isn’t necessarily either of those things…it was inspired by actual events:

07/16/14 when we asked the art major about her college sports team
my daughter said she
didn’t care, then gasped, “I meant
I don’t know…must’ve

been a Freudian
sleep” she gasped again and laughed,
“I may be tired”.

stability of
tripods: irrefutable.
why have just two legs?

why would we have discarded
our primal, prehensile tails?

(written 07/17/14 for 7/11/14)
for now, it is rain
drops, not grasshoppers, that ping,
unnerving the leaves.

So, I’m not willing to spray the grasshoppers or anything. They are an ephemeral, if not annoying, malady. Like most things, they will be outlived. My best to you and yours – may your life this week be substantially more resistant to grasshoppers (figurative or actual) than mine!

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