Haiku of the week: 07/04/14 – 07/10/14

I have some new worlds for you to visit. These poems are adventuresome and discordant collages for you to try on…

history of an abandoned dependence

teal-arced window eyes
x-raying my smuggling
salty-fingered stance;

sand-blasting graveyards
tended by invasive birds,
reclaiming those ghosts;

sifting ruined dunes
plaiting truths, warped and wefted
thread through meadows’ sighs;

drop-stitch clairvoyance
tweaking spokes, circled truths: we’d
captured each other

his hands kited sky
wards, skittering hisses strum
windblown lines to earth

sunlit tractor beams
orange your dark eyes, eyelash
your finger tipped mouth:

overexposed film
erases your white spaces
dark dreaming; gleaming

parsing sparse barbs which,
nettling within neural nets,
spawn bright, spare insight

what instincts

school fish to swarm, then
scatter, silver-flashed, and slice
against the current?

are we all feathered
birds to you, hovering at
your limbs, decorative?

Roadkill Rapture

Bloated grey corpses
sleep off their rash injuries,
nursing green-grassed dreams.

Leave them where they lie,
all ruffled fur bent supine
on crack-baked asphalt.

Shovel the homeless aside
let them rise from the ditches.


I double-dog dare you to write a little each day. Maybe just 17 syllables…see where they lead you!

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