Haiku for the week 05/15/14 – 05/21/14

Another week of haikuing persisted despite feeling so very out of focus during so much of these past seven days. It’s as though these tiny sentiments are the only instance of time and intention aligning – seventeen syllable eclipses – and I actually am present and breathe for a moment. The rest of whatever time I has seemed vaguely painful, futile, discouraging, or tedious. Brilliant points of awareness distributed stingily along a normal human life. I suppose, that is probably enough, really; and I am grateful for these little haiku hugs even when I’m a bit glum.

dusky tealing nightfall
peels away day’s grammar with
star’s punctuation

Muse, a fisted clench,
recalcitrant. To find what’s
in abandonment.

rain’s slipping off the
white enameled sheets of sky,
pooling at our feet

sinkhole soul-crater
shakes off crumbled crust; surging
currents stretch, waken

I put a new rose
in my crutches this morning
and wished for the best

Purple feathered sage
and pear-scented yellow splayed
amidst silver coins-

wrestled from dry earth,
from the surly knuckled night,
from the tepid dawn.



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