Haiku for the week 05/08/14 – 05/14/14

At the beginning of the week, I was discouraged from not having spent much time outside and was a bit petulant and groused about it for a while. Unsurprisingly, neither pouting nor the lack of access to nature was helpful to haikuing. As I was reflecting on that thought, I looked up at a small mirror facing the window of my second story office and saw the wind wrenching the branches of newly-greened trees across the street…

winds pull puppetted
trees the way a child swerves,
smashes, matchbox cars

This was a recurring theme as I am STILL on crutches following a minor procedure, and was beginning to suspect there would be no end to it. Being stuck indoors is something easier to manage when it is a chilly, windy, generally miserable day (as it had been the day before), but harder to swallow when you are watching a beautiful spring day everyone else seems to enjoy through glass.

sunlight rains like coins,
clatters to the floor like brisk,
fleeting, dissonance

scraggley dogwood
will bloom through glass even for
motherless daughters

Despite my bleak outlook, there were many moments of small comfort:

spoon clinking, dinner
heats in the next room as I
savor this stillness.

And occasional moments of clarity:

how contrary to
don ancient amour, to shield
oneself from inward

wounds, to brandish stiff
upper lips, to implode from
habit; legacies…

And then, today, moments about moments!

a moment for the
moments when we take the time
to share a moment

I hope you enjoy your moments this week!

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