Haiku for the week 05/01/14 – 05/07/14

I’m often attracted to the psychology of landscapes, or climates – how mood and place speak similar languages. This month, I have found the syntax of physics keeps trying to tell me something about love…

your black hole pupils
are wormholed heart conduits
collapsing matters

…about family…

whistling whale songs
summon nebula-cradled,
star-birthed beginnings

…and about self-determination.

my firefly dance,
a random constellation
of quirky vigor:

static in the still,
milky, blurred evening’s buzzing,
awaiting thunder.

And all along, there was some thunder; after all, isn’t there always a storm brewing somewhere out there? Lets just say that a longer than expected recovery from outpatient therapy has been discouraging, and pain-killers have been sapping a lot of my energy.

let the narcotic
swallow you down whole, the fog,
in one soundless gulp.

But I can’t stay down for long…

soft, sweet sentiments
swiftly invade bitter fields –
stealthy we gentle

or, maybe I can???

frequent vacancies,
each safety violation;
freeways shutting down

Sigh. I’ll get back to you next week and let you know!

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