Haiku for the day: 04/22/14

Last night I wrote a poem in my half-asleepedness and scrawled it into my bedside journal in the dark. I couldn’t sleep with it sing-songing in my head. I left it at home, though, and have no way of knowing if it was worthwhile or not since, once written, it left me completely. I’m looking forward the surprise awaiting me there tonight…I’ll make sure to let you know!

In other news, I was very excited to see a Facebook post for the Iowa City Summer Workshop Festival because it’s local, or localish (Kansas’ central location is really more of a hindrance as we are equally far from everywhere) but I can probably drive to Iowa City in one day so the opportunity didn’t seem so dismissible.  And that’s about where my bravada ended…ever the introvert, I believe AWP would have probably killed me outright because I am so easily overwhelmed by choice. I’ve printed out a few pages and will tuck it away until it seems less intimidating, but in the meanwhile, I’ve come to see that I need some externally defined limits. I feel like I’m doing what I know how to do and I’m ready for the next step. I’ve decided. A workshop would be great fun, but it isn’t enough. I NEED to find someone to give me constructive feedback on my work. I know this, but I’ve been hard pressed to find this mysterious someone so far. Or rather, I’ve been too chicken to ask the person I have in mind. Maybe I’ll practice it in Haiku…

poet seeks mentor –
bloated fears like pufferfish
prickly till calmed


Good luck in YOUR adventures!


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3 Responses to Haiku for the day: 04/22/14

  1. Pam says:

    I love “bloated fears like pufferfish”–so true and operates on many levels

    • I’m glad you think so…I had been thinking how my haiku, in three or four stanzas, were getting a little bloated themselves, and have been trying to make them behave more like stand-alone stanzas. I’m pleased the brief, little image works!

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